JCube Condo Residence and Commercial Space is set to replace JCube Shopping Centre, a popular mall in Jurong East. The new complex will be a mixed-use development, comprising of residential, commercial and retail spaces. It will be a hub for the community, providing a vibrant living and working environment.

The new development is expected to be a major attraction for residents and business owners in the area. The residential component will feature a range of housing types, from studio apartments to larger units. Residents can look forward to a convenient and modern lifestyle, with access to amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, children’s playground and clubhouse.

The commercial component will include office spaces, food and beverage outlets, and retail stores. There will also be a range of community-focused facilities, including a library, event space, and art gallery. With its convenient location and excellent transport links, the complex is expected to become the go-to place for shopping, dining and entertainment.

JCube Condo Residence and Commercial Space will also be a major boost for the local economy. It will create jobs in the area and attract businesses, thus helping to spur economic growth. The complex will also add to the vibrancy of the neighbourhood, as well as providing additional recreational opportunities for residents.

JCube Condo Residence and Commercial Space is set to be an exciting new development in Jurong East. It is expected to be completed by 2022 and will no doubt be a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. With its excellent mix of residential, commercial and retail spaces, it is sure to become a vibrant and popular hub for the community.

Jurong East’s JCube Shopping Centre is set to be replaced with a residential and commercial development. The mall, which opened in 2011, will cease operations on August 7, 2023 and make way for the new project.

CapitaLand Development (Singapore) (CLD) announced the news on Tuesday, noting that the new development will include commercial space on the first and second storeys, and is targeted for completion in 2027. A sales launch is expected in the second half of 2023.

The closure of JCube has come as a surprise to many of the tenants, who were not aware of the mall’s impending closure until news of the redevelopment was released. Some of them learned about the news from social media, while others were informed by their management.

CLD has stated that notices were sent by registered mails and emails to the authorised representatives of JCube tenants, before a news release was issued on February 7. In addition to this, the centre management team is in the midst of reaching out to individual tenants directly to provide them with the necessary support to ensure a smooth handover of the premises and, where practicable, on their future plans.

Employees of the mall have expressed sadness at the closure, as many of them had worked and lived in Jurong East for many years. One employee, Michael Chong, noted that he had passed by the mall almost every day, and remembered the days when they used to come there to ice skate and watch movies.

The redevelopment of JCube is expected to provide more opportunities for businesses in the area. The new commercial space will provide the opportunity for businesses to set up shop and gain more customers. It will also provide more residential options for JCube Condo people looking to move to the area.

All in all, the closure of JCube marks the end of an era for many, but also the start of a new chapter for the area. With the new development, the area will be transformed, providing more opportunities for businesses and residents alike.

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