Roll It In: What Should You Know About The Best Vibro Egg 2019

Would you ever think about pampering yourself with a vibrator on the go? But not in quiet places, but where you are not alone, such as in the city, bar, cinema or supermarket?

The Vibro-Egg macht´s possible! With the little lustbringer, you can also come unnoticed to your satisfaction in public places, because he is quiet and yet powerful!

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🥇HULA Beads
Our pick


  • The first ever remote-controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate, this unique LELO design offers a thrilling hands-free experience that turns your whole body into a sensual dance floor.


Very Tight

  • A premium vibrating bullet-style massager with a wireless remote, LYLA™ 2 offers you secrecy, pleasure and excitement, whenever you want and wherever you go.


Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg Vibrator


  • Powerful multi-speed action is at the touch of a finger as you - or your partner - slide the intensity to your chosen strength. Eggstacy guaranteed!



BASICS Love Egg Vibrator 1.2 oz

  • The super-powerful multispeed BASICS Love Egg is perfect for solo sessions and great for enhancing sex.

New blend of pleasurable

The first ever remote-controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate, this unique LELO design offers a thrilling hands-free experience that turns your whole body into a sensual dance floor. 

Our Vibro Egg Test shows you the best 5 models, also covers all other tested Vibro Eggs and informs you about everything there is to know about Vibro Eggs!

In our test criteria we show you which characteristics the Vibro-Egg has been tested with to make it easier for you to ask possible questions about your personal decision!

Now to our best 5 vibro eggs in the vibro egg test!

The top 5 vibro eggs

In the vibro egg test we tested the eggs for 7 criteria.

Here we explain each point a bit more:

  1. Stimulation power: Vibro eggs should have strong vibrations.Not only to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles but also to trigger an orgasm. 3 points for powerful vibrations, one point for very weak ones.
  2. Volume: Many women buy a vibro egg mainly for the reason to wear it outside and in everyday life.But you want to save yourself embarrassing moments because the vibro egg works too loud.3 points were given for a very quiet motor, 2 for a volume in the frame and a point if the vibrations are too loud.
  3. Handling: The egg should be easy to use.If there is the Vibro egg with remote control, you can also control it with it.But what good is it if you don’t feel like the vibro egg because the operation is too complicated and it’s not really easy to introduce? 3 points for good handling, 1 point for bad.
  4. Waterproof: Important point for cleaning and use.Can it be cleaned with running water and used in the bathtub? Then you get a full score. With restrictions on water use gaves a point deduction.If you have to completely protect the vibro egg from water, there was only one point.
  5. Modis/ Intensities: Different vibration rhythms and vibration intensities in one? You got three points for that.If you have at least one of the two features but several levels, you could earn two points.With only one vibration, no selection, we awarded one point.
  6. Energy supplier: 3 points for the battery, because it is long lasting, rechargeable and mobile.We award 2 points for vibrators with cables, because they depend on a socket but still have very strong vibrations.One point for batteries.They are expensive in the long run, pollute the environment and usually not so strong in their vibrations.
  7. Material: Silicone is considered the healthiest and most pleasant material – 3 points.ABS is not harmful to health, but can be unpleasant for one or the other lady on the skin.Also rubber is pleasant but not comparable with the surface of silicone – Therefore for ABS plastic and rubber 2 points.There was one point for other materials such as thermoplastic elastomers and the like, which may not be completely healthy.
  8. Customer rating: A lot of shops peddle on the Internet, where customers could give their reviews on various vibrators.We have added the ratings of several shops and divided them by their number to calculate an average score.The result was added to our test result and divided by two to create a final score.

What is a vibro egg?

A vibro egg is a small egg-shaped vibrator designed for sexual stimulation. It can be held against the clitoris or inserted into the vagina/ anus.

The vibrations are usually very quiet and unnoticed to be able to enjoy them on the road.

Meanwhile there are many different variants of the Vibor egg. The Vibro-Egg Test, introduces the three most common models:

Classical Vibroei

This Vibro-Egg neither has a remote control nor is it radio controlled.

It is small, usually oval, and is inserted into the vagina or anus.

In most cases, a vibro egg has a retrieval band, similar to Love balls, to easily retrieve from the vagina/anus afterwards.

Vibro-egg with remote control

This vibro-egg species can often be activated directly at the egg itself but also has a remote control.

The remote control can be directly connected to the vibro-egg or can be controlled by radio over longer distances of a few meters.

This allows your partner to take full control and stimulate you in a teasing way.


The vibro egg is very easy to use.

In and of itself, their scope is not particularly large, but may vary depending on the manufacturer.

The small egg is then inserted into the vagina, similar to a tampon, and can be positioned to specifically stimulate the G-spot.

You can also use the vibrator egg for the anal area. There the stimulator is pushed carefully into the anus.

More Sensual Control

A premium vibrating bullet-style massager with a wireless remote, LYLA™ 2 offers you secrecy, pleasure and excitement, whenever you want and wherever you go.

The vibrations will stimulate your pleasure points well and catapult you to a climax.

If you prefer to be pampered at the clitoris, you can also use your vibro egg as a laying vibrator.

Although the shape won’t allow you to let it rest on this area without your hands, it won’t harm the fun factor.

For beginners or anal use it is recommended to use lubricant.

The intestine does not produce any moisture of its own, so that lubricant is a basic requirement here.

Depending on the material, this can also work in some cases without it.

You should only be familiar with your body and the characteristics of the vibrating egg to avoid injuries.

For whom is a vibro egg suitable?

Vibro eggs are suitable for both men and women! The Small vibrator Can stimulate vaginally, clitorally as well as anal, provide erotic feelings and great highlights! But how you use it is entirely up to you.

It doesn’t matter if you already have experience with Sex toys or not. Experienced people can have as much fun with the egg as a beginner.

If you are an inexperienced person but don’t want to try a real vibrator, the Vibro-Egg can be a great starter model for you.

Because it is not too big and cumbersome, is easy to insert and still provides you with very intense vibrations.

Our Vibro-Egg Test Winner!


The Vibro-Egg is, as the name suggests, a mostly egg-shaped device with a powerful motor inside.

There may also be vibro-eggs with unusual curvatures, grooves and shapes, but they all have one thing in common: they are small and have neither edges nor corners.

In most cases the Vibro-egg has a return cord or return loop, in order to pull it more easily again from the desire grotto.

Some manufacturers also offer the eggs without a belt, others have a control element at the other end of the belt to adjust the vibrations.



Nowadays most vibro eggs are made of healthy skin-friendly silicone.

The material is soft, adapts quickly to your body temperature and feels very comfortable on the skin.

This is one of the reasons why silicone is a standard material for many vibrators.

ABS plastic

ABS plastic is also often used.

Vibro eggs made of this material are usually smooth and have a hard surface that is not very flexible. This ensures a good hold.

ABS plastic is not as cold as metal, but does not adapt soo quickly to body temperature, which some people find very attractive.


This material is hard and shiny.

When inserted, it feels very cold and takes some time to warm up.

Multispeed vibrating

Powerful multi-speed action is at the touch of a finger as you - or your partner - slide the intensity to your chosen strength. Eggstacy guaranteed!

Some users find the temperature a bit uncomfortable and have to overcome it, others find it exciting.


Lubricating gel is a useful story for every vibrator to make the toy more slippery.

So is the vibro egg! If you lubricate your egg with gel and additionally wet your vagina or anus with it, you are on the safe side and thus prevent unattractive injuries.

However, you should clarify beforehand what kind of stuff your vibro egg is made of that cannot be used with any type of gel the egg can be.

If, for example, you have an egg with a silicone coating or silicone elements, you should only use water-based gel.

The silicone-containing gel could otherwise damage the material and cause cracks.

When using ABS plastic of the metal, this gel is harmless.


When cleaning the vibro-egg, you should also pay attention to what is used.

First of all, it should be clear whether the device is waterproof, splash-proof or not waterproof at all, so as not to damage the electronics.

On waterproof models, the vibro egg can be washed with lukewarm water and mild soap.

Special Toycleaner serves as an alternative method.

This can be sprayed from the vibro-egg or a dry cloth and wiped on.

Any aggressive cleaning agents should not be used here either, as these can also cause defects and cracks in the vibro-egg.

And that would be a health hazard.

Germs, bacteria and even fungi could develop and multiply in the cracks.

This, in turn, could cause venereal diseases and infections with further use of the vibro ice cream.

Multispeed vibrations

The super-powerful multispeed BASICS Love Egg is perfect for solo sessions and great for enhancing sex.

Therefore, always make sure that the cleaning is done mildly or with the appropriate detergents.

After cleaning, the vibro egg should be stored in a dry place.


  • SmallOval shapeVibrationsSome models with radio or remote control operablemobilediscretequietdifferent materials possiblemany designseasy to operate

Pro & Contra

  • Strong vibrations Can also be worn on the move Also available with remote control >Easy to clean >for clitoral, anal and vaginal use >beautiful designs >easily insertable Very quiet
  • Some models too small XLi>Rausholbändchen can be a bit annoying with some models X

Vibro-Egg and love ball in one!


The Vibro-Egg is so small that it can be carried unnoticed in a handbag. It’s mobile and quiet, so it’s safe to go out and about since it’s extremely discreet.

Many models are also available with a remote control, so your partner can control the vibrations inside you. This is especially exciting and provides more voltage.


Small but Oho! The Vibro-Egg is the ideal toy for on the way, because it offers many great features and is nevertheless very inconspicuous.

Outsiders wouldn’t even notice that you’re emotionally taking off, whether at work or in the supermarket.

Vibro eggs are a great invention for beginners and people who have not yet dared to approach a large vibrator.

With remote control, the small pleasure donor can be controlled also over larger distances, so that it can be used also as pair vibrator perfectly.

Why buy a Vibro egg?

There are many good reasons to buy a vibratorei.

The Vibro-Egg is perfect for those who want to take the step out and get their money’s worth, because it’s small and discreet, whisper quiet and mobile.

If you’re curious about sex toys, but don’t yet dare to get to the big vibrators, which intimidate you with their size and length or even unusual shapes, then a Vibro-Egg is also a good choice.

It’s small, easy to insert and can’t beat the vibrations of a real vibrator!

A Partner vibrator with remote control and a lot of variety regarding the place of action? The Vibro-Egg can also be the perfect solution here!

Deep stimulating

With a wide range of intense vibrating speeds to explore, allow this ovular egg to grace your internal and external hot spots, then crank up the power for thrilling orgasmic results.

Many models can also be remote controlled and allow both sexes to penetrate and tease the partner with powerful vibrations from a distance.

In this way, many gimmicks are possible, both vaginal and anal!

You see, there are good reasons for the vibro egg. Here “fun, games and surprises!“ get a whole new meaning

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