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Here you will find the best vibrators for anal pleasures and get all the information in their test reports as well as in our test tables.

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🥇LOKI Wave
Our pick


  • Fully waterproof and with adjustable power across 10 stimulation modes, LOKI Wave™ will beckon you to the most intense and memorable orgasms of your life.



Very Tight

  • Perfectly shaped and angled for a luxurious and powerful prostate massage, the waterproof, rechargeable LOKI™ features 6 variable settings for a climax that reaches mind-blowing intensity.





  • Explore new, more daring pleasure with BILLY™. There is simply no finer or more luxurious prostate massager for men who are serious about their personal satisfaction.




  • Silky silicone and fully waterproof construction make BRUNO™ the most desirable prostate vibrator in the world.


We evaluated simple anal vibrators separately from prostate vibrator models.

If you have always wanted to know what anal sex feels like or want to experience a prostate orgasm, this is the place for you. Have fun in Analvibrator Test!

The Top 6 Analvibrators

In the Anal Vibrator Test we have tested the vibrators for certain criteria. The more points, the better.

A maximum of 3 points can be achieved per criterion, but at least one.

The points were then added up and evaluated using our grading system.

In addition, special points for the relevance of the respective vibrator type were scored twice.

Waves of Pleasure

LOKI Wave ™ is sleekly designed and perfectly shaped to offer both external and internal stimulation from its dual-motors, and is the first prostate vibrator to offer a ‘come-hither’ motion. 

In the case of the anal vibrator, the following two criteria were doubly evaluated:

In strong stimulation, an anal vibrator can also reach orgasm.

And as with all other vibrator types, the stimulation power is also the most important thing with the anal vibrator.

In addition, for good reason, we did not pack the anal vibrators into a test with the prostate vibrators: For ease of introduction.

An anal vibrator should be no problem even for beginners. People who need a bigger challenge can look further down in the prostate vibrator test for models.

Here are our criticisms of the anal vibrator test at a glance and their explanations:

In the anal vibrator test we tested all models for the following 8 criteria, of which 2 were rated twice. Here we explain each criterion in more detail:

1. Stimulation power: How powerful are the vibrations of the anal vibrator? With a very strong engine you get 3 points.

If the vibrations are good, but could be stronger – 2 points. Only one point was awarded for weak performance.

2. Easy introduction: An anal vibrator does not have to be used to stimulate the prostate. But he should be able to stimulate the anal area well. However, it should not be too complicated, so beginners will have big problems with it.

The analvibrator is so to speak the classic among anal toys and should therefore be easy to introduce.

3 points for very easy introduction due to straight and smooth surface.

2 points for some complicated beginnings that require some patience. There is only one point for heavy introduction.

3. Cleaning: Is the anal vibrator waterproof and can be easily washed with warm water and mild soap reachable corners and edges. 3 points.

2 points were given for some effort because the anal vibrator has a curved or rough surface and/or is only water splash protected, so you have to be careful that nothing gets into the electronics.

One point was given for very elaborate surface through hard-to-reach areas or because the anal vibrator is not waterproof.

4. Surface: The surface of the anal vibrator should be smooth and pleasantly soft on the skin – 3 points.

If it’s rough or a little uneven, 2 points. With a grooved and uneven surface, there was a point.

5. Modis/ Intensities: Different vibration rhythms and vibration intensities? You got three points for that.

If you have at least one of the two features, but several levels, you could earn two points.

With only one vibration, no selection, we only awarded one point.

6. Energy supplier: 3 points for the battery, because it is durable for a long time and can be recharged.

2 points were awarded for models powered by electricity.

These are not mobile, but have very powerful vibrations.

The anal vibrator got one point when it was battery-operated. These are expensive in the long run and not environmentally friendly.

7. Material: Silicone is considered the healthiest and most pleasant material – 3 points.

ABS got 2 points because it is harmless to health, but does not feel as good as silicone.

There was one point for other materials that might not be considered completely healthy.

8. Volume: For many men and women, it is important that their intimacy is also extremely discreet. T

he anal vibrator test scored 3 points for a whisper quiet engine.

The anal vibrator still got 2 points if the volume of the vibrations is acceptable. Very loud devices received only one point.

9. Customer rating: A lot of shops peddle on the Internet, where customers could give their reviews on various vibrators.

We have added the ratings of several shops and divided them by their number to calculate an average score.

The result was added to our test result and divided by two to create a final score.


Here you can see the evaluation of the vibrators tested in the Analvibrator Test:

The Prostate Vibrator Test: In this test 8 models of the Prostate Vibrator were tested under certain criteria. Here are the Top 5 in Prostate Vibrator Test:

The Top 5 of Prostate Vibrators


Our test criteria in the prostate vibrator test

In the prostate vibrator test we tested 8 models for certain criteria. The more points, the better.

A maximum of 3 points can be achieved per criterion, but at least one.

The points were then added up and evaluated using our grading system.

In addition, special points for the relevance of the respective vibrator type were scored twice.

In the case of the prostate vibrator, the following two criteria were doubly evaluated:

Here the stimulation can trigger unexpected orgasms! The prostate vibrator is designed to pamper the prostate intensively with massages.

Better Orgasms

Perfectly shaped and angled for a luxurious and powerful prostate massage, the waterproof, rechargeable LOKI™ features 6 variable settings for a climax that reaches mind-blowing intensity.

Such a p-point orgasm is not easy to achieve, therefore powerful prostate vibrators must be massaged vigorously and are capable of it, even without having to put on additional hands.

Of course, the prostate vibrator must be ergonomically shaped so that it hits the prostate precisely in order to massage it.

Therefore, in addition to the stimulation power, the accuracy of the hit was also evaluated twice.

Cleaning is important because the prostate vibrator often has an adventurous shape with grooves and bulges. These are occasionally a great challenge in cleaning

Here are our criticisms of the prostate vibrator test at a glance as well as their explanations.

Except for accuracy, the points also match the criteria of the anal vibrator test.

What is the Anal Vibrator?

An Anal Vibrator is not much different from ordinary vibrators.

However, it is a sextoy which is specially designed for stimulation of the anal area and zones of the anal area.

It is operated just like a normal vibrator with battery or accumulator and can also be used in the common love play.

Men, in particular, enjoy being stimulated at the back.

Men have a special area in their buttocks that is stimulated similarly to a woman’s G-spot and can trigger orgasms. This point is called prostate.

Anal vibrators are not only suitable for men. Women can also be brought up to speed with the help of an anal vibrator.

Although they have no further “G-spot“ in the anus, however, the anal vibrator and the stimulation in the anal area can also lead a woman to climax.

Since the anus has many nerve endings that are very sensitive.

In addition, a woman can use an anal vibrator also for the vagina and spoil them with it.

Even during the sex cycle, an anal vibrator can be a special supplement for her and him.

New tingling feelings as well as different orgasms are possible with an anal vibrator.

Anal vibrators are also available in many different variants. Here we would like to briefly discuss the most popular categories:

Classical Anal Vibrator:

The classic anal vibrator is well suited for beginners because it is usually slim, has a small diameter and a smooth surface.

It has vibrations and is easy to insert.

With lubricant you can simplify the insertion.

Anal vibrator with remote control

Besides vibro eggs or pair vibrators, some models of the anal vibrators also have a remote control.

An example would be the Lelo Hugo, whose vibrations can be remote controlled.

Some are connected with cables others like Lelo Hugo work over radio.

The latter are considered more comfortable by many users because there is no cable in the way.


Pulsators are very similar to anal vibrators.

But they differ from their function. There can be both smooth and plain models, but also more unusual models with bends and grooves.

Their special feature: They do not vibrate but pulsate.

This means that they work similar to a real penis by shock movements and look more realistic.


Prostatavibratoren differ from the classical anal vibrator only in its form.

They usually have very interesting and unusual designs, occasionally also grooves and curvatures.

The decisive factor for this type of anal vibrator, however, is the curvature at the tip.

The reason for this is the better stimulation of the prostate, the so-called “P-point“ of the man.

This allows the man to gain completely new and more intense orgasm experiences

What is the prostate and how is it stimulated?

After the penis, the prostate is the second most sensitive area through which a man can reach his climax by being subjected to pleasurable massages.

The prostate can be reached both inside and outside the perineum, between the penis and anus.

This area is also known as the perineum.

The additional stimulation of the prostate while pampering the penis can increase the orgasm considerably.

It is also possible to go through the “p-point” alone without pampering the penis in addition if the stimulation is intense.

The orgasm should feel completely different than the normal one.

However, this cannot be achieved via the perineum, but exclusively via the inner path to the prostate.

The prostate is a small spherical organ located about 5-8 cm on the front inner side of the intestine or below the urinary bladder.

He can also be reached with one finger.

The palm of the hand should point towards the abdomen and the finger should be slightly curved to better feel the prostate.

If you notice a small solid ball while palpating the front intestinal wall, congratulations! I guess that’s your p-point.

In an excited state it is even easier to reach. In the posterior area, lubricating gel is always advisable when using the anal vibrator/prostate vibrator, as the posterior entrance is narrower and very sensitive.

Male Pleasure

Explore new, more daring pleasure with BILLY™. There is simply no finer or more luxurious prostate massager for men who are serious about their personal satisfaction.

The prostate can be stimulated in several ways:

  • About the perineum In the intestine with the fingerIn the intestine with an anal vibrator or prostate vibrator

The additional stimulation of the penis with an anal vibrator or prostate vibratorp>The additional stimulation of the penis is also meaningful.

It’s not always easy to get past the P-point.

Especially not with a finger. The additional play on the penis can therefore intensify the sexual pleasure feeling and keep it at a higher level.

Even if no orgasm is reached at all, this is nothing unusual.

A climax solely through the prostate requires a lot of practice and hard penetration.

But an anal vibrator / prostate vibrator can achieve very good results, which is why it is so popular.

The anal vibrator / prostate vibrator brings the prostate to ecstasy through vibrations or pulsations and in this way even stimulate the production of prostate secretion and sperm.

The prostate is comparable to the G-spot of a woman and the penis is comparable to the clitoris.

The point must first be “activated“ before you can reach orgasms. It’s no different with a woman’s G-spot.

It is very rare for someone to reach a climax during the first stimulation.

Once this point is reached, however, the feelings and sensations are completely new and different from the usual.

Our prostate vibrator test winner

For whom is the anal vibrator / prostate vibrator suitable?

The anal vibrator is suitable for all who have enjoyed penetrations in the anal area.

Many people, especially heterosexual men, may be somewhat deterred by this type of stimulation, but this is completely unjustified.

Who nevertheless dares to go this way opens up a world of undreamt-of possibilities in the world of sexual feelings and highlights.

The anal vibrator is well suited for beginners who have little experience in this area.

Its smooth and straight shape makes it very easy to insert.

The prostate vibrator, on the other hand, is more suitable for people who have experience with anal stimulation.

Its tip is curved to better reach the prostate and may therefore be somewhat cumbersome to insert in some cases.

Preparation for anal sex

As the rear entrance is considered to be particularly sensitive, extensive preparation is required.

Not only to avoid nasty injuries, but also to enjoy anal sex and not be deterred by it.

It is important to follow these points to be on the safe side.

First of all you should make sure that the anus area is well cleaned to avoid unnecessary infections.

For this we recommend an irrigator set or a pear syringe to rinse the intestine a little.

Water is pumped into the anus using a tube to rinse out excrement residues, germs and bacteria.

Whoever has no experience with anal sex or an anal vibrator / prostate vibrator should seek help from his partner or feel his way slowly with a finger.

The next step is to loosen the sphincter a little to prepare the entrance for anal intercourse.

Entering the traffic directly would be fatal and would pose a great risk of injury.

Therefore it is always advisable to use a lubricant during anal intercourse and to ask your partner to be very careful.

If anal sex is too extreme for your first experiences, you can also use an anal plug first.

An anal plug is carefully inserted into the anus and kept for some time in order to dilate the sphincter muscle and prepare it for anal intercourse and to avoid pain.

We would like to emphasize again that lubricant is always useful for anal games because the risk of injury is greater in this area than in the vagina.

Lubricating gel is also a good thing during preparation.

Together these safety measures should be observed:

  • Use of lubricating gel:
  • And also should not be spared with the gel.
  • The intestine does not produce any or very little fluid, which is why you have to help here. Otherwise the intestine could stick to materials such as rubber or silicone and this would cause burning pain and possible cracksCautious procedure: If anal stimulation is new territory for you, you should proceed slowly and patiently. It makes sense to use a plug until the sphincter muscle is stretched to the size of the anal vibrator / prostate vibrator. However, the anal vibrator should not necessarily have a large diameter. In the beginning, it is better to use smaller models and gradually increase. In case of pain stop: Pain is always a warning to the body. If pain develops during an attempt to introduce something, it is essential that the procedure be discontinued. A second attempt can be initiated later.

Application of anal vibrator/prostate vibrator

The stimulation of the prostate is not an easy task. Therefore the anal vibrator should have a strong performance and powerful vibrations.

This should not be a problem for many vibrators, because many models have considerably more programs than just one, as well as different intensities.

Did you know that studies have found that the anus in men and women is particularly sensitive to vibrations but also to different touches?

All the more reason to embark on this adventure! Once you enjoy it, many people don’t want to miss anal sex anymore!

In the world of anal vibrators and prostate vibrators, there are countless designs, shapes and functions.

Some are very adventurous and rather advanced. A simple and simple vibrator is suitable for beginners.

Beginners should always start with a smaller and narrower anal vibrator to avoid injuries.

Since the sphincter muscle closes the intestine well, there is a lot of training needed to relax it and make it ready for stimulation.

If necessary, you should do some preliminary work with an anal plug and include lubricant.

Advanced and anal fans, who have already gained a lot of experience in this area.

Have the advantage of a large selection of anal vibrators available, which is guaranteed to have something for every taste.

Here in the Analvibrator Test you will already find the best models.

n the category “All Vibrators“ we also offer you a larger selection of vibrators, also for other ranges.

Intense vibration

With two powerful motors, one in the curved tip for accurate prostate stimulation and a second in the base for dual pleasure


Materials, functions, colors, size and diameter can be very different. Also the structure and surface as well as curvatures can be a big challenge.

The appearance of an anal vibrator is probably more adventurous than other Vibrator variants.

Because they are often shaped by animal looks such as that of a caterpillar or artistic sculptures, in which one first wonders how and with which end the anal vibrator is introduced.

Other models also have two ends, with one end stimulating the prostate from the inside and the other end stimulating the perineum, i. e. the prostate area from the outside.

The anal vibrator may have a thicker and curved tip.

This is then usually somewhat flexible and serves the increased stimulation of the prostate, but can also serve as a G-spot vibrator for the woman.

A wave-shaped vibrator in turn provides for a more intensive penetration and a stronger irritation of the intestinal inner wall.

Whatever form it takes, men and women alike can enjoy an anal vibrator.

Our anal vibrator test winner


Most anal vibrators are made of skin-neutral and medical silicone.

This material is soft, adapts quickly to body temperature and feels very comfortable on the skin.

Silicone is the most common material for vibrators today.

But there are also anal vibrators that can be made of ABS plastic, elastomers, metal or other materials.

Nevertheless, the silicone models are considered the most comfortable.

Anal vibrator for masturbation

The topic of anal satisfaction is certainly more interesting for men than for women.

Because they can feel a different and more intense orgasm triggered by the prostate through stimulation of the rear gate.

Women have no prostate, but can still be strongly aroused by the sensitive nerve endings of the anus.

Prostatic vibrators are very suitable for men who want to lead themselves to orgasm elsewhere.

Even for men who are afraid to talk openly about their needs with their partner and still want to experiment.

Especially heterosexual men regard anal stimulation as a taboo topic because they fear to be considered homosexual.

This fear is completely unfounded in today’s world and many men don’t even know what kind of intense feelings they are missing.

Lubricant gel

Lubricant gel is not as important for any area as it is for the anal area.

The intestine does not produce any liquids, which is why you have to be very cautious and help with lubricants.

The best thing to do is to use a water-based lubricant, which is usually a silicone anal vibrator.

Silicone can be damaged by silicone-containing lubricant and crack.

Powerful Orgasm

HUGO™ is a remote control prostate massager that represents an entirely new way to think of men’s pleasure, whether it’s part of coupled or solo play.


With water-based gel you are on the safe side. Here you find the best lubricants!


The analvibrator should be cleaned well and carefully after each cleaning.

The bacteria and germs are more aggressive than those in the vaginal environment.

Which is why it is always advisable to take the hygiene of anal games seriously and not to risk infection or disease.

Also one should never use the anal vibrator after use in the back door immediately afterwards in the vagina.

First the toy should be cleaned well, then the fun can go on…safe!


Cables, rechargeable batteries or batteries can be used as power supplies.

No matter what kind of energy source the G-spot vibrator has, the vibrations can be strong and powerful in all variants.

In our G-Spot Vibrator Test we show you which models are powered by which power source.

With the anal vibrator prostate orgasms as well as more intense feelings with additional stimulation of the G-point or the clitoris as well as the penis.

The Analvibrator opens thus a completely new world of sexual desire feeling and provides one a large adventure.


The Analvibrator is the toy for the back door and opens a world of completely unexplored feelings and orgasms.

It is available in all variations that can differ greatly in form, design and function.

Although the use requires a detailed preparation and also the use of lubricant, the result is worthwhile!

Why buy an anal vibrator?

Vibrators are one of the few products that cannot be returned if not liked. It’s not wrong either.

Who wants to unpack a purchased anal vibrator? Therefore, the first purchase of an anal vibrator is usually blind.

Nevertheless, the purchase is worthwhile for all those who have no experience in anal sex but want to collect some.

To these people we recommend a small and narrow vibrator such as the Deluxe Passion Vibrator.

Vibrators of this kind gently introduce you to the new world and protect you from pain and injury…

provided they are also used properly with lubricant and slowly.

Who already has experience, even could already experience an orgasm through the prostate.

For him there are also unusual and very interesting anal vibrators such as the Stronic 3 or Lelo Hugo, which additionally stimulates the perineum and can be controlled by remote control.

An anal vibrator can evoke undreamt-of feelings, which you no longer want to miss and provide for more intense orgasms in men and women.

With additional stimulation of the penis or vagina, highlights can even be stretched and intensified.

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