Dealing with Your Best Kegel Balls: What Do You Feel Now?

Have you ever heard of kegel balls? These are small balls connected with a chain Which are not only used for sexual pleasure but also for strengthening the pelvic floor.

How’s that work? That and much more we explain here in our kegel balls Test!

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  • Gently and secretly vibrating in response to your body’s movements, these interchangeable weighted vaginal beads are perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes. 1


Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls
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  •  Slip the silicone balls inside and feel your muscles squeeze around them, ensuring they feel each sweet sensation as the free-roaming balls roll and bounce.


Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls 7.8oz


  • Discreetly stimulating your G-spot and offering a generous weight to grip around, the Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls are an excellent choice for those in need of a more advanced kegel toning challenge as they enjoy Anastasia-style pleasure.


Fifty Shades of Grey Beyond Aroused Kegel Balls Set

  • With 6 different weight combinations for progressive training to help strengthen your pelvic floor for more enjoyable sex.
Stronger Orgasms

Gently and secretly vibrating in response to your body’s movements, these interchangeable weighted vaginal beads are perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes.

Besides a detailed description of the little helpers we have also tested over 15 models for function and other criteriaT and summarized the Test winners in tables.

We have distinguished between kegel balls with and without function. Here are the results.

The Top 4 kegel balls with Vibration

kegel balls test: Test criteria and comparison

All selected kegel balls were tested for certain criteria in the large vibrator test.

A maximum of 3 points, but at least 1 point, could be achieved for each criterion.

The more points the product has achieved in a criterion, the better. The points were then added up and evaluated using our grading system.

Each sextoy has its special focus, which we doubled due to its importance.

In the case of the kegel balls, the following two criteria were evaluated twice:kegel balls serve more for a training effect than for stimulation.

The muscles of the floor pelvis are strained, while the toy in the vagina is worn regularly over a longer period of time.

However, no woman would go through this for long if the bullets were very unpleasant. Therefore the wearing comfort was taken as emphasis.

Whether the balls also cause what they are supposed to cause – the strengthening of the musculature in the pelvic area – we also felt as particularly important.

Therefore, we have also rated effectiveness twice in the test.

In the following we explain the points of criticism in more detail.

We have tested the products for 8 specific criteria. Here we explain the respective points in more detail.

1. Wearing comfort: How well do the kegel balls fit and are they wearable over a longer period of time and still comfortable? 3 points were awarded for a very good wearing comfort.

There were 2 points when the kegel balls wear well, but after some time are unpleasant. There was a point when the balls were not really pleasant.

2. Effectiveness: How effective is the training with the kegel balls? If you see clear results after a short time, you got 3 points.

However, if there was hardly any progress after a few weeks, then there was only one point.

3. kegel balls should always be cleaned after wearing. If the cleaning is very simple, you get full points. If the cleaning is not so easy, because some edges are difficult to reach, 2 points.

There was one point for very laborious cleaning.

4. Material: Silicone is skin-friendly, harmless to health and pleasantly soft on the skin – 3 points.

ABS is not harmful to health, but can be too smooth, cold or unpleasant for one or the other lady – 2 points.

There was one point for other materials such as thermoplastic elastomers or PVC. These are not always completely harmless.

For more enjoyable sex

Tone your pelvic floor and enjoy delicious internal stimulation with the Fifty Shades of Grey Beyond Aroused Kegel Ball Set.

5. Design: What do the kegel balls look like? Do you have a high quality and noble design – 3 points. kegel balls that are very handsome but have no special features got two points.

There was a point when the kegel balls look very cheap.

6.Surface: The surface should feel very pleasant on the skin. If she’s also soft – 3 points. Glatt but rough scored 2 points.

There was one point for angular or very rough surfaces.

10. Customer rating: A lot of shops peddle on the Internet, where customers could give their reviews on various pleasure balls.

We have added the ratings of several shops and divided them by their number to calculate an average score. We have added the result with our test result, whereby we let our result flow in doubly:

Guide: What are kegel balls

kegel balls, also called Lustkugeln, Liebesperlen oder kegel balls, are small, mostly 1 to 4 hollow balls connected by a chain.

Inside there are smaller balls, mostly made of metal.

These are made to vibrate with every movement. In this way a pleasant vibration in the abdomen is produced.

kegel balls do not belong to the standard Sextoys and also do not serve the purpose of triggering orgasms.

There are three things to be used for kegel balls:

For arousing the pleasure center.

Kegel pearls can stimulate a woman’s sexual imagination (including that of her partner) when worn for longer periods of time. To train the pelvic floor muscles.

kegel balls are especially suitable for women who may have bladder weakness, suffer from incontinence or simply want to improve their feeling for the muscles in their abdomen.

Problems can be solved with regular training and the woman learns to better control her muscles from the pelvic floor. After pregnancy.

The kegel balls train the Pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) and are therefore also recommended for post-pregnancy regression training.

Many women carry the kegel balls with them throughout the day and are pampered with fine vibrations of the balls, which ensure sustained arousal.

The pleasure pearls were invented in Japan. T

here the kegel balls are called Rin-no-tama or Ben-Wa, which means

Translates “ringing bells“. The reason for this is the similarity of the sound of the traditional kegel balls with the Qi-Gong balls.

The pleasure balls

Discreetly stimulating your G-spot and offering a generous weight to grip around, the Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls are an excellent choice for those in need of a more advanced kegel toning challenge as they enjoy Anastasia-style pleasure.

There are many different types of kegel balls, which we want to go into a little more detail about here.


Rin-No-Tama is one of the first models and consists of three silver balls which are connected by a chain.

The lowest ball is equipped with a return thread, which resembles the construction of a tampon.

The upper ball is hollow and serves to hold the other two balls securely in the vagina.

The middle ball, which is partly filled with mercury, sits in front of the G-spot, i. e. directly in front of the vaginal entrance.

The lower ball had four fine wire draws inside and contained no mercury, but a smaller ball made of iron or lead. This one swings around inside.

They generate vibrations by permanently striking the wire tongues.

There are also models with only two instead of three balls, which are held in place by a paper tampon in the vagina by pushing this tampon into place.

Rin-no-tama kegel balls were used in the original Japan as an aid during sex and to strengthen the pelvic floor and quickly spread to the Chinese and Indian regions.

In the 18th century, kegel balls were also known in France.

The kegel balls are only worn in everyday life or before sexual intercourse, not during it.


Ben-Wa kegel balls are not connected to a chain like the Rin-no-tama model and also do not have a return strap.

Today’s models

While the historical models mostly consisted of metal, mercury, iron and lead, today’s kegel -Balls often use plastic for the cavity.

These are then usually equipped with a smaller metal ball.

There are several variants, but the most common is the two-ball model.

The balls are 3-4 cm tall and connected with a short cord, whereby at the lower ball a return cord is present.

In addition, some pleasure beads have vibrators instead of the metal ball inside.

However, these are less intended for the pelvic floor muscles than more for pleasure.

There are also models with only one small stainless steel inside the housing.

Anal balls, anal chains, anal beads

Liebeskugeln are also available for the anal area.

Usually several beads are connected to each other by a ribbon, a thread or a fixed rubber connection.

The balls themselves are made of plastic, rubber or metal and are smaller than conventional products.

Analk chains are usually worn during sexual intercourse and serve the purpose of prolonging or deepening the orgasm (in men or women).

The orgasm is intensified by pulling out the chain from the partner.

However, when it comes to intensive stimulation, we recommend using prostate vibrators or anal plugs for the anal area.


The kegel balls are carefully inserted into the vagina and pushed to the cervix.

Sometimes it is also very helpful to use some lubricant so that it slips better.

The inner balls in the hollow balls vibrate while walking or other movements and trigger vibrations in the abdomen, which are perceived as very pleasant.

The vibrations are strong enough for tingling feelings but too weak to trigger an orgasm.

This can increase the sexual desire enormously, so that the woman can hardly wait to finally come home to her bekegel d in the evening.

There are many types of kegel balls that can vary from 2-4 balls.

Some women like to wear the pleasure pearls in everyday life and enjoy a constant tingling sensation.

The kegel balls can easily slip out of the vagina, but this doesn’t bother some users, others more.

To be on the safe side they usually push a tampon behind them so that the kegel balls stay in place.

Our test winner of the kegel balls!

What do kegel balls

kegel balls can help on several levels. You achieve an increase in pleasure with the woman while carrying, which also benefits the partner.

But kegel balls can also be helpful as support for urinary incontinence by training the pelvic floor muscles.

After a pregnancy, kegel -Balls are also often part of a regression gymnastics.

In all cases, the kegel balls are held by the PC muscle, which is trained by them at the same time.

This is usually done passively, without feeling any great effort.

The muscles are thus strengthened, can prevent incontinence, increase the sexual sensation of both partners during sex. And bring the muscles back to their original shape after pregnancy.

For whom are they suitable?

Design of kegel balls

kegel balls are available in different variants, which can contain either one or up to 4 balls.

However, most models are arranged in pairs. Here the kegel balls lie close to each other and are only separated by a short ribbon or chain.

Regardless of the number of kegel balls, the distances are always the same. Models with 4 balls are also called ball chains.

Most products have a longer cord at the bottom end, similar to a tampon. This makes it easier to pull out the kegel -Balls.

The individual balls are approx. 3-4 cm in size and are made of plastic or silicone.

Inside, there is a smaller ball made of heavier materials such as steel, metal or iron, which begin to rotate when moved.

kegel balls are available in many attractive colours and patterns. Some models have a loop instead of a return cord, at which they can pull.

Some kegel balls are completely covered with silicone or plastic shearing, firm and inflexible.

Other models are really held by a simple band, which gives them some more flexibility.

Why buy kegel balls?

kegel balls have many great features and can be a great help for some problems.

It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, can support your sense of pleasure, increase it and thus also improve your kegel life and that of your partner.

It also supports better control over your muscles.

You can perceive irritations more intensively and feel more arousal.

Besides this positive aspect, kegel balls also have a medical advantage: They can support bladder weakness and prevent incontinence.

Even after a pregnancy, kegel balls are a good solution to restore your muscles to their original shape.

Whoever is keen on tingling feelings on the way, without attracting attention or hiding.

Can integrate kegel balls comfortably in everyday life and be pampered by the vibrations at every step.

kegel balls certainly have many reasons why a purchase would be worthwhile.

In our table, you will find the best models the current market has to offer!

Wearing comfort

The difference between kegel balls with one or two balls is quite big.

Many women report that wearing a pearl is perceived as pleasant, but it is not particularly noticeable.

With two, on the other hand, many have the feeling that the kegel balls could slip out at any moment.

The feeling is deceptive, because the PC muscle holds the kegel pearls very reliably.

The sensation only occurs in the first few minutes, but for most users it also disappears quickly.

For models with two spheres, the sensations should be stronger and the vibrations clearly noticeable with every movement.

Lust increases, but is not satisfied by the kegel balls, which is also the sense and purpose of pleasure balls.

They should only increase the feeling of pleasure and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis.

Even if you wear the kegel balls for several hours, the tingling sensation lasts. So the feeling of pleasure does not fade.

Can kegel balls cause pain?

Can yes, but no strong or worrying pain. That rarely happens. kegel balls are very comfortable to wear.

Nevertheless, it is not to be forgotten: The pelvic muscles are trained passively.

And as with many other muscles, it can come to a cramp.

However, this can only happen after a few hours of wearing and is usually only a problem for beginners.

In this case you should interrupt carrying and give the pelvic floor muscles some rest.

The cramping occurs very rarely, however.

With some practice and patience the pelvis gets used to the kegel balls, so that you can carry them longer without problems.

Is the volume disturbing?

Many women are afraid when they think about carrying kegel balls on the way. In most cases, however, this is completely unfounded.

The vibrations are hardly audible and you can go shopping with a clear conscience without fearing embarrassing situations.

In very quiet rooms, it is possible to hear the kegel balls beat or vibrate each other.

However, this can also be a very beguiling story with your partner.

Gleitgel & Hygiene

Strengthened kegels

Slip the silicone balls inside and feel your muscles squeeze around them, ensuring they feel each sweet sensation as the free-roaming balls roll and bounce.

Nowadays, the kegel balls are mostly made of plastic or silicone and wash very well with water and mild soap.

They can also be easily disinfected with Toycleaners.

When using glide cream, you should first clarify what kind of material the kegel balls are made of.

Silicone models should only be used with water-based lubricant.

kegel beads made of plastic or plastic, can also be used with silicone-containing lubricant.

Do not use silicone with silicone-containing lubricant under any circumstances, otherwise the material will be damaged.

Also worth mentioning is the safe and hygienic application.

If you also use your kegel balls for anal pleasure, you should not insert them directly into the vagina, but first clean them well to prevent infections and diseases.

Test winner with vibration!

kegel balls are among the oldest kegel toys in history and have effective effects in their fields of application.

It strengthens the musculature, prevents incontinence and improves the sex life by strengthening the pleasure feeling.

You get all this at a good price-performance ratio. The materials are pleasant and medically harmless.


It may be that models with more than one pearl are a bit unaccustomed to wearing them at the beginning and one is afraid that they will slip out of the vagina again.

But these worries disappear quickly.

The Pubococcygeus muscle has the kegel balls well under control. What’s left? A pleasant feeling that lasts for hours

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