Best Anal Plug: How to Choose The One

Welcome to our Anal Plug Test!

Welcome to our Anal Plug Test! Here we show you the best buttplugs the erotic market has to offer.

We evaluated the conventional plugs separately from the anal plugs with vibration function.

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Our pick


  • With two powerful motors in the base and tip, HUGO™ has sleek and smooth form that is perfectly formed for bigger, better and even hands-free orgasms.


Jeweled Butt Plug Set
Very Tight

  • The smallest of the two butt plugs offers a dainty 3 inch circumference at the widest part, while the larger delivers a filling of 5 inches


Lovehoney Classic Silicone Extra Petite Beginner's Butt Plug


  • This beginner butt plug training kit is designed to start you on your way toward anal pleasure by offering a soft and easy to use silicone plug made in a shape that is easy for insertion for a beginner. 


Doc Johnson TitanMen Master Tool No.4 Butt Plug 6 Inch

  • 3 swollen bulbs that increase consecutively in girth: smallest bulb = 6 inch circumference, medium = 6.75 inch circumference, largest = 8.25 inch circumference

The Analplug Test shows you the best models, test criteria and results.

Powerful Orgasm

HUGO™ is a remote control prostate massager that represents an entirely new way to think of men’s pleasure, whether it’s part of coupled or solo play.

You will also learn everything you need to know about use, function and cleaning! But now to our models:

The Top 3 Analplugs

Test criteria

In our anal plug test we tested all models for certain criteria.

A maximum score of 3 points, but at least 1 point, shall be awarded for each criterion. In doing so, we give a double weighting to some points of criticism if it is relevant for the specific vibrator type.

In the case of the anal plug, the following points were scored twice:

In the case of an anal plug, intensive vibrations are less important than how the plug sits in the anus.

Many anal plug fans love to carry their little friend for several hours.

Therefore, wearing comfort in terms of fit and stability, without pressure and pain, is one of the most important issues.

In addition, the anal plug is used in a place where hygiene is a top priority. Therefore, of course, cleaning is also a big issue.

Soft silicone

Smooth, soft silicone and a dazzling adornment at the bottom means intense stimulation for you and enriched eye candy for your partner. 

An anal plug should be very easy to clean to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

In the anal plug test we tested the vibrators for 6 specific criteria. Here we explain the respective points in more detail.

  1. Wearing comfort: In case of pleasant feelings, during wearing as well as light stimulations, which can last for hours without problems, the anal plug received 3 points. Should the anal plug be pleasant, but after some time become unpleasant there were 2 points. If the plug is very unpleasant or causes great pain later there was only one point.
  2. Cleaning: Gut secretions contain far more aggressive bacteria than it has the vaginal flora. Therefore, special attention should be paid to hygiene. 3 points for very simple cleaning, one point for very complex cleaning.
  3. Easy introduction:In general, special care should be taken in the anal area. Here the risk of injury is usually higher than with the vagina. That is why we have also tested the anal plug for easy introduction. If this is done very simply, you get full points. If it is to be carried out with a little patience, the butt plug was rewarded with 2 points. With difficult or cumbersome introduction there was only one point.
  4. Material: Silicone is skin-friendly, harmless to health and pleasantly soft on the skin. Stainless steel is strong, stable and due to the initial cold when inserted, this material gives a special tingling sensation – both got 3 points. ABS is not harmful to health, but can be too smooth, cold or unpleasant for one or the other lady – 2 points. There was a point for other materials like thermoplastic elastomers or PVC. p>
  5. Design: An anal plug is usually very high quality and nobly designed. But sometimes strange forms creep in, which are not only difficult to introduce, but also seem quite cheap. 3 points for very noble design, 2 points for an attractive look and one point for cheap appearance.
  6. Seat: An anal plug is mainly used for anal sex preparation.It is therefore necessary to be able to wear the plug for a longer period of time so that the intestinal muscles relax better. For a firm fit, without pushing and slipping full score. With small weaknesses, like slipping out or slipping, we blessed the plug with 2 points. There was only one point, if that longer carrying leads to strong pains and complaints.
  7. Customer evaluation: In the Internet peddle a quantity of Shops, with which the customers could deliver their review to various vibrators.We have added the ratings of several shops and divided them by their number to calculate an average score.

The result was added to our test result and divided by two to create a final score.


The anal plug

An anal plug is a kind of anal dildo. Also available as anal plug or butt plug.

Even though there are many different shapes in the meantime, the most common form of an anal plug is usually conical and tapering, while the rear part usually has a wide foot to hold on to.

The anal plug is used to stimulate the anal area.

He is popular with man and woman alike. It is carefully inserted into the anus with its pointed side and can stay there for a while due to its special shape.

Use the anal plug to prepare for anal intercourse or simply for sexual stimulation.

Super-smooth silicone form
Discover the intense extra pleasure that can be gained from even the smallest insertable, and play safe with the flared base.

It is a good preparation opportunity, especially for beginners who have no experience in anal intercourse.

In combination with Analgleitgel, the application is easier and a pure pleasure.

For whom is the Analplug suitable?

  • Beginner (models with small range, approx. 3cm)Progressive (may also be larger modelsMen (For anal sex preparation and prostate stimulation)Women (For anal sex preparation) and additional stimulation of the nerve endings of the anus)>for couples (in preparation for sex and also during sex


The erotic market now offers countless anal plug models in all colors, shapes and materials.

But even if the anal plug seems like an interesting kind of dildo at first, its function is completely different.

There are two special properties to which you can immediately attach an anal plug.

On the one hand, it is always rounded on one side and tapers to a conical point. In addition, it tapers on this side to allow a better insertion into the anus.

The other end, or the base, is usually wide or thick and easy to grasp. It must be so wide at the end that it cannot accidentally slide completely into the anus.

Nevertheless, it also tapers towards the base so that the sphincters of the anus can better enclose the “anal plug.

Its shape gives it the ability to stay where it is without hesitation.

The anal plug is available in many crazy and exciting designs.

Sometimes funny, sometimes noble and of high quality or simple and inconspicuous.

Among others, there are the following forms of anal plug.

Some models in best vibrator test, have special shapes and are explained in our Analplug Test Reports:

Analplugs are available in many different sizes. Small models are very suitable for beginners or for people who find it difficult with large equipment in the rear area.

For advanced players, on the other hand, it can be a bit bigger. The diameter of anal plug can be 2-5cm, some models even slightly more.

Our test winner!


An anal plug can be made of different materials.

It is important to note, however, that nowadays hardly any material is harmful to health with this type of sextoy.

After it came out in the 80s and 90s that many sextoys could contain carcinogenic materials, many manufacturers have set themselves good materials for the future as a focus for their productions.

So that nowadays you hardly have to fear to get to dangerous and bad material.

An anal plug can be made of the following materials:

Some models even have vibrations. However, these are quite rare and are not intended for the actual purpose of an anal plug.

Large butt plug with

With curves that put even Christina Hendricks to shame, this sensually smooth and beefy butt plug offers exceptional stretching sensations for advanced anal explorers. 

Rather one could call this variant also small Analvibrator.

There are also inflatable models or anal plugs to inflate.

These however have the disadvantage that they cannot be pressed out by force like other anal plugs.


Buttplugs made of metal can be interesting for temperature sensitive men and women.

This material is known to be quite cold, but to warm up quickly in body contact.

This not only feels exciting but can also increase the erotic sensation.

In addition, a metal anal plug is quite heavy in the hand and is considered a heavyweight among the Ministimulators.

But also the weight can intensify in such a case the lustful feelings still.

However, if the material is too uncomfortable for you due to the initial cold, you should rather use a silicone anal plug.

In our anal plug test we tested some variants made of silicone, which even made it into the top 5.


Silicone is next to metal also a common material for anal plugs. But silicone is also a popular material for Other sextoys .

It is pleasantly soft on the skin and adapts very quickly to the body temperature so that it cannot be perceived as unpleasant right from the start.

It is also considered a very healthy material, which is why the majority of sextoys nowadays are made of silicone.


Exactly as a beginner it is important to be cautious and careful not to risk injury.

Better still, when using the anal plug, an anal glide gel is used so that the plug can be inserted better. Therefore, proceed as follows:

Three positions prove to be very practical:

All three positions make it easier for you. But which is the best method for you, you have to find out for yourself.

Once the position is found, you are ready to go.

Hold the anal plug to socket and shaft and lead the tip to the anus and place it there.

Gently push the butt plug into the anus. This may feel a bit unusual for the beginner at the beginning.

That’s why you should only go further if you find it pleasant. If this is the case, you can carefully insert the anal plug further.

Take your hand off the shaft and hold only the pedestal. The largest circumference is located slightly in the middle of the plug.

If this is still considered pleasant, then the biggest hurdle is already overcome and the circumference tapers again to the pedestal.

If there is now only the pedestal on the outside, you can now carry it for a few minutes up to hours, depending on your preference.

However, it is advisable to take it out occasionally to lubricate it again with lubricant. With each new introduction, the excitement can still increase.

Once it is in you, you can move naturally and unrestrictedly.

If you wear the anal plug additionally during normal sexual intercourse, this can increase the excitation enormously.


The anal plug serves to stimulate the anal area. This can be very erotic for man and woman.

This toy is specially designed for anal pleasure. It gently stretches the anal area and stimulates sensitive nerve endings, both externally and internally.

What and in which situations you can use the anal plug in general is explained in more detail!

Anal dilation & preparation for anal sex

The anal plug is often used as a preparation for anal intercourse. This is also the most common method for which the anal plug is used.

The anal plug (in combination with lubricating gel) is guided into the anus until the taper in front of the base is held by the sphincter muscles.

During this procedure, the anus is carefully stretched and prepared for anal intercourse.

The purpose behind this is to relax the muscles so that anal sex is more pleasant and painless.

Introduction can take place a few hours or minutes beforehand or it can also take place during foreplay.

Introduced in the anus, it can linger there for a while.

This can cause a persistent tingling sensation.

It is not intended for moving back and forth, as is usual with a vibrator or dildo. It is simply “plugged in and worn for a while.

Anal plug In men

Men use the anal plug as well as women in preparation for anal intercourse.

But men also like to wear it as additional stimulation of the prostate, because the anal plug creates a more intense and pleasurable sensation.

The prostate is considered to be the so-called “G-spot“ of the man.

Among the anal plugs, there are also models with curved tips to facilitate G-spot stimulation.

Anal plug In women

Women have no prostate, but they can still feel the anal plug as particularly exciting.

In the case of a woman, wearing such a toy can actually stimulate clitoral stimulation.

Anal plug for masturbation

Men and women like to use anal plug for masturbation as well. Men, for example, love to have their prostate stimulated while masturbating.

(Even if some men don’t want to admit that to themselves). In this way, men can experience a particularly intense orgasm.

In fact, they are also able to get an orgasm through the prostate.

However, as with the woman with the G-spot, some practice is necessary for this.

Women also like to wear an anal plug during stimulation with a vibrator.

But even if they pamper their clitoris by hand, it makes things even more tingling.

Analplug during sexual intercourse

A woman who feels “fully filled“? That’s it! You can wear the anal plug during sex without hesitation, while at the same time your boyfriend is inside you.

Many women find this double stimulation very intense. Some find it better than a vibrator, because you don’t have to hold the anal plug all the time.

If you are also interested in other double stimulations during sex, you can try a pair vibrator as well as a threesome.

This stimulates the clitoris and G-spot equally and can lead to very explosive orgasms.

What anal plugs should be used during coitus?

Many users prefer anal plugs made of soft material such as rubber or silicone during sexual intercourse.

Also the diameter of the anal plug should be about 3 cm, so that it cannot be perceived as disturbing.

At least if you don’t have so much experience with this kind of double pleasure. Later an increase can be quite positive.

Wearing in public

Some ladies and gentlemen like to give their everyday life an exciting kick and like to wear an anal plug under their clothes at work or on the way.

The intention behind it is the special attraction in the public.

Loveballs and vibro-eggs are also often used for this purpose, because they are small and inconspicuous.

Use of lubricating gel

Lubricating gel is a necessity in the case of an anal plug.

The anal area is a very narrow and very sensitive part of the body and anal intercourse could be a painful and unpleasant experience without good preparation.

It’s the same with the anal plug. Due to its quite wide circumference, it is important that it also has a good chance to slide into the anus.

Therefore you should rub the anal plug as well as the anal area with enough lubricant, so that it can slip better and is not too dry.

The best is to use water-based lubricant.

First, this cannot damage the material (silicone) and is safer than lubricant with special ingredients.


The anal plug should be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

The toy should also be checked for cleanliness and hygiene during the next application.

The plug is easy to clean with warm water and soap. Alternatively you can use a special Toycleaner to disinfect the anal plug.

Functions and operation

As already described during use, design vibrators can have very different areas of use.

Usually vibrators have a powerful motor inside, which creates more or less revolutions per minute depending on the intensity.

Glamorous plug
A beautiful little bejewelled butt plug make of sleek, silky silicone, ready to slide neatly into your netherends and make you feel and look gorgeous. Say hello to your very own on-demand in-home booty service.

Special models with new technology do not have a motor in this sense but function via sound waves that stimulate the clitoris.

Double and Rabbit vibrators even have two powerful motors that stimulate each clitoris and each G-spot.

Some models even have different intensity selections for both ranges, others adjust both vibraiones intensities simultaneously.

Massagesticks, on the other hand, are considered to be the strongest vibrators ever.

Most of them are electricity companies, but their vibrations are enormously powerful.

Among the design vibrators, however, only the Lelo Smart Wand has made it, since most massage sticks are only partially convincing with their appearance.

Test anal plug with vibration!

The anal plug, is not a vibrator (although there are some models with vibrations), but it can greatly enrich the act of love for both parties.

It is perfect for preparing the anus for the following anal intercourse with the partner. This is especially practical for beginners.

Also the anal plug is small and inconspicuous and many like to wear it secretly under their clothes in public as a special incentive.

It has a stimulating effect and is available in various materials.

Unfortunately, the anal area is a very sensitive subject, so you should only use the anal plug with lubricant to avoid the risk of injury.

The Anal Plug Test has tested all anal plugs and listed the best models in the winning table for you.

A very interesting sextoy, which should not be missing in the collection.

Why buy an anal plug?

The anal plug is a great preparation for anal intercourse.

It stretches the muscles in the area and ensures that anal sex can be relaxed and more pleasant.

In addition, the anal plug can also be worn during normal sexual intercourse and further stimulate stimulation.

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