Dual Sex Pleasure Effect: Try the Best Rabbit Vibrator 2019

Welcome to our rabbit vibrator test!

Vibrators that can stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot? Yes, there is!

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  • Enjoy the intense pleasure of simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation with the world’s most exclusive rabbit vibrator, redefining and enriching the classic dual-massager design with that unmistakable touch of luxury.


Very Tight

  • A remote-controlled couples’ vibrator worn by women when making love. IDA™ lets you share powerful vibrations and intense rotations within.


INA Wave™


  • Inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers, INA Wave™ surges in a ‘come-hither’ motion like no other rabbit vibrator to massage your G-Spot, while ultra-powerful vibrations assure a blended climax crashes over you.


INA™ 2

  • The innovative and unique design of INA™ 2 changed the way we think about rabbit-style massagers, and it will revolutionize the way you think about your pleasure – guaranteed.
Strong & Silent
Enjoy the intense pleasure of simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation with the world’s most exclusive rabbit vibrator, redefining and enriching the classic dual-massager design with that unmistakable touch of luxury.

And they enjoy especially great prestige in the women’s world.

Because they stimulate the women at two of their most erogenous zones at the same time and thus transport them into an unbelievable ecstasy.

In the meantime, there are countless designs and variants.

Certain rabbit vibrators can and are also used with pleasure during sex with your partner and are an absolute enrichment both solo and in company when it comes to diving into lustful and passionate worlds.

In our rabbit vibrator test we introduce you to the best rabbit vibrators as well as rabbit vibrators.

Show you according to which criteria we have evaluated the sex toys and give you all the information you need to use a rabbit vibrator.

But now our Top 5 of rabbit vibrators!

The Top 5 of rabbit vibrators

Our test criteria in the rabbit vibrator test

All selected rabbit vibrators were tested for certain criteria in the large vibrator test.

A maximum of 3 points, but at least 1 point, could be achieved for each criterion.

The more points the vibrator has reached in a criterion, the better. The points were summed up and evaluated with our grading system.

Each type of vibrator has its own special emphasis, which we have rabbitd due to its importance.

In the case of the rabbit vibrator, the following three criteria were rabbit rated:

A rabbit vibrator is meaningful only if it stimulates two points at the same time and gives an intense orgasm.

Therefore the vibration of the rabbit vibrator should not be too lax.

But even if a rabbit vibrator pampers the clitoris and the g-spot with powerful vibrations at the same time.

One or the other lady at the clitoris likes it differently strong than at the g-spot.

Therefore it is even better if the stimulus arms of a rabbit vibrator can also be controlled individually.

Most rabbit vibrators have a curved tip on the vaginal stimulus arm.

But of course this should also fulfill its purpose and meet the appropriate position. Therefore, the accuracy of the matches was weighted a bit more.

We will explain the points of criticism in more detail below.

More Satisfying Sex

A remote-controlled couples’ vibrator worn by women when making love. IDA™ lets you share powerful vibrations and intense rotations within.

In the rabbit vibrator test we tested the vibrators for 9 specific criteria. Here we explain the respective points in more detail.

  1. Stimulation power: Very good vibrations received full points. 2 points were given if the engines could be powerful but a little stronger. There was only one point for weak vibrations.
  2. Variable setting: The rabbit vibrator has two stimulation arms.But can these also be controlled independently of each other? 3 points for a rabbit vibrator in which both stimulus arms can be executed independently of each other and in different vibrations.2 points for a model where the arms can be activated individually, but the vibrations are the same when switched on.There was only one point when the stimulus arms are only executable together or the vibrator has only one motor.
  3.  Accuracy: Every anatomy is different. Therefore the one rabbit vibrator can lie well with the one, while with the other the outer stimulus arm for example does not reach the clitoris.If it is an exception, the device can still be very good.However, if the phenomenon occurs too often, then the size and the stimulus arms are not well estimated and the rabbit vibrator misses its purpose – 1 point.
  4. Easy introduction: A rabbit vibrator has two stimulus arms, where the larger arm is inserted into the vagina and the other stimulus arm is placed on the clitoris.For a good easy insertion, the rabbit vibrator should at least be flexible enough that the arms can be bent away from each other for easier insertion.Also the tip of the vaginal stimulus arm should not be too globose.3 points for models that are very easy to implement and flexible. 2 points if you need some patience and practice. One point was given in the rabbit vibrator test if the vibrator is difficult to insert.
  5.  Waterproof: Important point for cleaning and uses. Can the rabbit vibrator be cleaned with running water and used in the shower? Then you get a full score.With restrictions, because the vibrator is only water splash protected, there were 2 points.If you have to completely protect the rabbit vibrator from water and use alternatives like Toycleaner, there was only one point.
  6. Energy supplier: Full points for battery operation. This is rechargeable, environmentally friendly and long lasting – 3 points.We award 2 points for vibrators with cables, because they depend on a socket but still have very strong vibrations.Batteries, on the other hand, are expensive in the long run, pollute the environment and usually do not vibrate as much. Therefore, there was only one point for battery operation.
  7. Material: Silicone is skin-friendly, harmless to health and pleasantly soft on the skin – 3 points.ABS is not harmful to health, but can be too smooth, cold or unpleasant for one or the other lady – 2 points.There was one point for other materials such as thermoplastic elastomers or PVC. These are not always completely harmless.
  8. Volume: Many women expect extreme discretion from their rabbit vibrator. However, this should not restrict performance.We award 3 points if it is hardly to be heard.2 points were awarded for models that are not whisper quiet but are still at an acceptable volume.Very loud devices got only one dot.
  9. Modis/ Intensities: Different vibration rhythms and vibration intensities? You got three points for that.If you have at least one of the two features, but several levels, you could earn two points.With only one vibration, without selection, we only awarded one point in the rabbit vibrator test.
  10. Customer rating: A lot of shops peddle on the Internet, where customers could give their reviews on various vibrators.We have added the ratings of several shops and divided them by their number to calculate an average score.The result was added to our test result and divided by two to create a final score.


Here you can see the evaluation of the vibrators tested in the rabbit vibrator test:

The rabbit vibrator

This vibrator has a big advantage compared to other vibrators: It stimulates two places simultaneously! The rabbit vibrator is equipped with two stimulus arms.

The usually shorter stimulus arm serves to stimulate the clitoris, while the larger stimulus arm is inserted into the vagina and stimulates the G-spot.

The larger arm usually has an inclined tip to better hit the G-spot.

Due to the rabbit stimulation from the inside and outside, the probability of getting an orgasm is not only greater but the highlights are also more intense.

There are, as with many other vibrators, different designs and variants of the rabbit vibrator, which we want to highlight here.

Rabbit vibrator

It is also called Rabbit vibrator, because the first models usually had a small rabbit head as clitoris stimulator.

Through an episode on Sex and the City, where Charlett got himself “the Rammler” (pink rabbit vibrator), and became so addicted to his performance that she didn’t want to leave the house anymore.

The rabbit vibrator gained incredible popularity and was not only sold in the USA in large quantities.

Still today there are many models with aspects similar to hare.

Due to the mass of designs, the look is a bit different from the Rabbit vibrator and not the same is a bit simpler in the look.

Waves of Orgasm

Inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers, INA Wave™ surges in a ‘come-hither’ motion like no other rabbit vibrator to massage your G-Spot, while ultra-powerful vibrations assure a blended climax crashes over you.

Basically you can say that this is the typical rabbit vibrator: Two vibration arms, one usually smaller and shorter for clitoral stimulation, the other large and long.

The latter is inserted into the vagina and stimulated from the inside. Many models have an inclined tip for better G-spot stimulation.

Pair vibrator

This type of vibrator is primarily for fun for two. It is usually designed in the shape of a clip and can be worn by the woman during sexual intercourse.

However, the stimulus arm to be inserted is smaller and narrower so that it is not perceived as disturbing when the penis penetrates the vagina.

The outer stimulus arm is usually broad and flat and stimulates the clitoris.

Not infrequently the vibrations here are controlled by a remote control. Women can use this variant both alone and in pairs.


This vibrator is intended for men rather than women.

This rabbit vibrator is also not intended for the stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot but for the stimulation of the prostate and perineum.

Optically it often reminds of the letter L and is inserted with the larger end into the intestine, so that the prostate can be stimulated by powerful vibrations.

The other end is ergonomically shaped to press against the perineum. I

n this way, the prostate can also be stimulated from the outside.


The conventional rabbit vibrator differs only in one from classical vibrators: It has an additional smaller stimulation arm.

It is not uncommon for this to be decorated with cute designs such as something like a rabbit’s or caterpillar’s head.

The rabbit vibrator is large, has a large stimulus arm with good circumference.

A smaller stimulus arm, the so-called clitoral stimulator, branches off approximately in the middle of the anterior stimulation surface.

The rabbit vibrator is ergonomically shaped so that the G-spot and clitoris are stimulated equally well.

Most models of the rabbit vibrator are made of healthy and skin-friendly silicone.

It is soft and pleasant and adapts quickly to body temperature. Also, the material is often flexible enough to bend the outer stimulus arm away from the kitoris when needed.

The tip of the vaginal arm of many rabbit vibrators is slightly tilted to the side to better hit the G-spot.

How to use a rabbit vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is inserted into the vagina with the large stimulation arm so that the smaller arm lies on the clitoris.

The control element is usually located at the lower end of the rabbit vibrator.

The stimulus arms lie simultaneously on clitoris and G-spot and stimulate them with powerful vibrations.

Beginners or persons who want to use very large models should best use lubricant to exclude the risk of injury.

Water-based gel is recommended for a rabbit vibrator made of silicone as it is harmless to the material.

rabbit vibrator also suitable for couples?

A rabbit vibrator has a wide range of applications, for example in foreplay.

The excitement of the woman could be increased by using a rabbit vibrator before the main act comes.

It could also serve as a clitoral stimulator during the act of slaughter.

However, the rabbit arm construction may prove somewhat impractical in some positions.

In this case, a lay-on vibrator or massage rod is more suitable for external stimulation.

Our rabbit vibrator test winner!

Use of lubricating gel

For large or adventurously designed rabbit vibrators it is always advisable to use lubricant.

This not only provides a more beautiful feeling and better gliding ability, but also reduces the risk of injury when using the rabbit vibrator.

However, you should pay attention to the material of your rabbit vibrator. Silicone is not well tolerated with silicone lubricants.

The consequence of using such a lubricant is cracks in the material. This could cause germs and bacteria to multiply unnoticed.

This would make the rabbit vibrator a greater risk factor for diseases and infections and should therefore no longer be used. That would be a shame.

Use your rabbit vibrator with water-based lubricant. This is not only harmless for the silicone material but also skin-friendly.

Beginners are always advised to use lubricant.

Lube gel can also help girls and women who have problems getting wet.


With a waterproof rabbit vibrator, the device can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.

This is the safest way to kill germs and bacteria.

If the rabbit vibrator is only water splash protected, you can still wash it in the same way, but you should take care that no water gets into the electronics, otherwise it will break.

If the rabbit vibrator is not waterproof at all, which is rare with rabbit vibrators, you can alternatively use a special Toycleaner to disinfect the device.

Instant Satisfaction

The innovative and unique design of INA™ 2 changed the way we think about rabbit-style massagers, and it will revolutionize the way you think about your pleasure – guaranteed.

In general, your rabbit vibrator should be cleaned and stored dry after each use.

It is also always advisable to check before each use whether the vibrator has any cracks or quirks, otherwise the infection with bacteria, germs and fungi is quite high.

Many manufacturers also offer a storage bag with their rabbit vibrators.

This would protect your rabbit vibrator from dust and dirt.

Functions and operation

Not all but many models of the rabbit vibrator have two motors.

Each motor is integrated in a vibration arm, so that clitoris and G-spot are strongly stimulated.

With many rabbit vibrators the intensities and programs can also be adjusted separately, so that you have more variety, but also the possibility to completely switch off an arm.

The rabbit vibrator is controlled by a control element consisting of buttons, which is usually located on the handle of the device.

Our rabbit vibrator test winner with the pair vibrators!

The rabbit vibrator is a successful sextoy for intensive stimulation of the clitoris and G-point equally.

It has two stimulation arms and pampers intensely and vigorously.

Due to the strong massage from both sides, the rabbit vibrator is able to trigger multiple orgasms and in some cases even make the woman squirt!

Although its shape may be a little impractical in some moments and it is not small enough to be mobile and travel, every woman gets her money’s worth!

Why buy a vibrator of this kind?

Many women and girls have certainly already experienced a clitoral orgasm during masturbation.

A vaginal orgasm through the G-spot (rough area about 3-5 cm deep at the anterior vaginal wall), on the other hand, has experienced rather few women.

Penetration by the man can trigger it, but it is not uncommon for this to prove very difficult.

And indeed, the blame is not always to be found in the man, because to experience an orgasm through the G-spot, a good body feeling and knowledge of his preferences is needed.

So here are some good reasons why buying a rabbit vibrator would make sense:

He can teach you to get to know the G-spot better and let you come vaginally through his strong vibrationsThrough regular use you will be sensitized and get to know your pleasure points better.

This enables you to better control your own path to climax

. The sensitization also simplifies vaginal coming during sexual intercourse.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the man doesn’t have to do anything here, but you can give him help and tighten your pelvis in certain positions to get better.

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